10 Games to Play During Bad Weather Days

Hit by the bad weather? Getting restless and cranky? Here are a few games to perk up the kids and adults alike!

#1. Name Place Animal Thing:

You will require pen and paper. This game can be played alone or with 4 to 6 people. Sit in a circle facing each other. One person starts reciting the English alphabets – “A, B, C, D, E, F, …” Keep repeating till the person sitting opposite says – “STOP”. Suppose you came to halt at “F”. Then each person in the group has to write a name, a place, an animal and a thing that starts with the letter “F”. For example;











Each answer is worth 10 points. Each player gets 5 points for a common answer. If the answer is wrong or does not exist, you get a zero. Add the points for a final score. Aside from being an excellent game in bad weather, it improves the General Knowledge, hone the vocabulary and competitive spirit.

#2. The 26 Alphabets:

This is a slight variation to the previous game. Write the alphabets on chits and put them in a bowl. Just pick one each time and fill in the columns with the appropriate answers and keep scores as explained above.

#3. Last Alphabet

You will need something to write with, something to write on! It requires at least two people to game. Sit facing each other. Just begin with a word of a name, place, animal, thing or feelings. Note the last alphabet of the said word. The next person says another word that begins with this last alphabet. For example; you say the first word – “Happy” the next person must say a word with the alphabet “Y”. Suppose the next person says the word – “Yak”. Then the next person will say a word that begins with a “K”; say, “Kayak”. And so on.

To keep the scores, note the words that have been said, they cannot be repeated. Each answer is worth 10 points. If you cannot think of a word, then say “pass”, that gets you a zero. Add the points for a final score. This game has all the benefits of the one shared above. Besides helps understand and express one’s feelings.

#4. Around the world in 26 alphabets:

It is a variation of the previous game. In this game, you use only the names of places. You can use the atlas to find new places. Just make note of them while keeping the score.

#5. Online Gambling:

Nowadays, every home has a computer. It seems to have become the focal point of all the activities, so why not play free online games on a bad weather day? Online poker and Blackjack seem to the hot favourites. All kinds of poker involve betting. The winner is determined by the combinations of the players’ cards. Some of these remain hidden until the end of the hand. Here are the basics, learn the ranking of the poker hands. Then memorize the hands. Next you chip in where you are dealt with or you deal the cards. Check out the hand you have been dealt. You could take turns dealing and shuffling. Keep drawing the replacement cards. Start another round of betting after the draw.

Blackjack is a luck and chance game, but requires strategy. It is a card game, the objective of which is to be dealt cards having a higher count than those of the dealer. The players and the dealer receive two cards each. The player is dealt cards with face up. While the dealer has them facing down, this is called the hole card while the other card is facing up. The count should be up to but not exceeding 21 —called also twenty-one, vingt-et-un. Both these games can be played online, with or without money.

#6. Homemade Monopoly:

This is a mix of monopoly and the above games. Where you use fake money instead of scores. Only handover $5 when your answers are wrong.

#7. Passing the parcel:

Pass on the parcel and do as the last person with the parcel says.

#8. Chinese whispers:

Whisper a message in the person ear sitting next to you. Let them pass the message till it reaches the last person. Ask them to say it aloud. Usually it is a hilarious distortion of the original.

#9. Chess:

This is a board game with 18 pieces that move with a strategy to conquer the other side.

#10. Video games and game consoles:

If you are the active kinds. We suggest this bundle by Nintendo, the Wii sports– it offers golf, baseball, tennis, bowling, boxing, etc. Try sword fighting in the Wii sports resort. Then there are the Halo series, the and the Xbox series to try too.

Enjoy all the benefits of playing the actual game. Improve your balance and muscular coordination. The bad weather does not have to be the down time when you have these games at hand. Keep that mind and body fit and fine!

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