Be Ready, Well Prepared No Regrets

Basketball is upon us.  If you are like my kids your basketball season will begin in approximately 3 to 4 weeks.  

You are chomping at the bit and just can’t wait to get out on the court and show the world what you’ve got. Can you picture it?  It is the 1st day of tryouts. You hardly slept the night before, due to the anxious anticipation of getting out on the floor.  You start the day off right with a good breakfast.  Off to school, your classes seem to be taking forever, they just cannot end fast enough.  Then it’s here the last bell rings, you jump out of your seat and make a mad dash for the gym.  

You just know this is going to be your year.  You just feel it, you are certain this is the year everyone stands up and takes notice of just how good you are.  Your dressed out now, on the court with a basketball in your hand.  You are ready to go, ready to kill it.  Your name is called you’re up, now is your chance to show the coach what you’ve got.  You jump on the floor ready to be put through the paces.  Oh my you just lost your dribble, wait what that never happens.  That’s ok, you’ve got the ball back in your hands again, you shoot but it’s off.  Oh man I hardly miss from that range. I must just be nervous!

 Then another miss and another.  Oh this is just not going so well for you.  As tryouts end you walk out head hanging low, shaking your head thinking oh man I should have practiced more over the summer.  Regret after the tryouts, man how they just eat away at you.  This year as you go into tryouts have no regrets.

Preseason Conditioning

I don’t know what you have been doing all summer, maybe you had good intentions of practicing and getting ready, but time just slipped away, and here you are 3 weeks away.  Do yourself a huge favor, start working out daily.  Workout physically, work on the mechanics of your shot, work on your handles, work on your footwork, work on rebounding, work on setting screens properly and work on defense.  Start putting in the work.

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