Kick, Punch, Chop, Get in Shape

While some people will inevitably look at martial arts as pertaining purely to fighting and strength, the fact is that more and more people are looking to the immense range of martial arts as a method of keeping fit. And they aren’t stupid, because it really does work. Take a master of karate and put them up against the toughest street brawler you can find, and the martial artist will win with such ease as to embarrass their opponent. The reasons for this are numerous. Not only is the karate expert fighting “smarter”, but the principles they have learned in order to get to that level are ones which tilt the balance firmly in their favor.

By learning a martial art, you learn a lot more than just how to hit someone in a way that really hurts (although if it is required, experts still have that in their locker). It teaches you about breath control, clearing the mind and focusing on the self in such a way that you are always ready to stand and fight. This requires both physical and mental exercise, and when the body and mind work together as martial arts teach, there is a devastating combination. To reach such a level takes discipline, and if you have discipline you are already well on the way to your ideal physical condition. Plus you are versed in self-defence, which is never a bad thing.

You don’t need to have a full understanding of the mystic background to how a martial arts black belt works in order to use it as a keep-fit regimen. As long as you enrol in a class with a good teacher (or sensei) and pay attention to what is taught, you will pick up what you need in order to really up your levels of physical fitness to a point where you can stand and fight someone if needs be – but more importantly you will have upped your levels of physical and mental discipline in a way that can improve every aspect of your life. Look for a class today – karate, judo, tae kwon do or any other – all have valuable lessons to impart.

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