You and Your Stupid Mate

The director of You and Your Stupid Mate, Marc Gracie made his name in 1985 when he directed Wogs out of Work for the stage. David O’Neil, the screenwriter of You and Your Stupid Mate has successfully been on the Australian comedy scene for fourteen years and has appeared on The Panel, Rove Live and the Fat. David Redman, the other producer of the film (as Marc Gracie is also a producer) worked as an associate producer on the excellent film, The Young Poisoner’s Handbook. So, why doesn’t You and Your Stupid Mate “work” as a fresh, vibrant comedy? Well, it just doesn’t.

Angus Sampson (Jeffrey) and Nathan Phillips (Phillip) give the film their best shot but often Angus Sampson is either too loud or too “gross” to engage and his slightly dumber mate, Phillip is not made dumb enough by Nathan Phillips.

There is often the sense that Phillips could REALLY amuse if he just dumbed down a touch more and concerned himself with pathos a little less.

William McInnes does well as the boss of “Jobs4U” who is determined to ensure that long-term unemployed, “dole bludging” Jeffrey and Phillip, get jobs but he is not given enough on-screen time and ultimately is relegated to a mere device in furthering the film’s plot.

Madeleine West as Emma and Rachel Hunter as Karen provide some wonderful eye candy for male and certain female viewers, and the scene in Karen’s tent with her five “angelic” children is memorable.

Samir Malik’s Alf, a Somalian taxi-driver, also is clever in an amusing scene where he reminisces about his war-torn country; but these scenes are not enough to rescue a film which, while constantly entertaining, is not very funny.

You and Your Stupid Mate is distributed by Hoyts.